Shelves for supermarkets and shops


Shelves for vegetables and fruits

Shelves for vegetables and fruits

Shelving equipment

Metal racks are an integral part of any trading floor as large supermarkets and small shops. Shelving systems have proved to be a reliable tool for the accumulation and demonstration of different products. Company Eurostand offers a metal shelving system series C50/25, which are reliable and do not require additional tools for installation.

The design of the racks in this series have struts (beams) with a profile which is made in two sizes 30×60 and 30х80. Also the stand has metal supports for adjustment. Shelves series C50/25 have additional clamps for the reliability of the fixation of the brackets. This racking system is equipped with a large variety of accessories: barriers, partitions, additional beams, hooks, a variety of holders for clothes, household goods and appliances.