Metal furniture

Metal storage cabinet is one of the most popular type of metal furniture. It is related to the fact that this type is in widespread use. Storage cabinets are mainly used for storing shoes, headwear, outwear and belongings at public establishments (such as schools, changing rooms, storerooms etc.).  They are spacious enough and provide tidy and long-term storage of things. By design, they could be all-welded and knockdown. Both types have their advantages.

The knockdown type provides effortless transportation that is very convenient and all-welded cabinets are practical as they exclude the need to assembly.  

Metal cabinets have a range of advantages. Firstly, by its design: integrity and reliability. There is a possibility to store not only clothes but also personal belongings, as cabinets are equipped with secure locks. Usually our cabinets have standard height 1800 mm, as it is comfortable height for a man of average height. This ensures that clothes won’t be rumpled and will stay tidy. 

We produce various types of metal cabinets such as storage lockers, wardrobe lockers, laptop lockers, GSM lockers etc.