Laser pipe cutter Eurostand company
Let’s continue to get acquainted with the production facilities of ✅Eurostand Company✅.

Today the focus is on a laser pipe cutter. If you think that it can only cut pipes, then let us tell you a bit more. 

With the help of a pipe cutter, our specialists realize the most creative ideas of our customers. This is not only specific automatic equipment for cutting metal pipes and girders/cross-sections but also for carving on their walls any geometric shapes. 

With the help of this equipment there is no problem to cut workpieces in length for up to 6 (six) meters long. The outer diameter is allowed from 20 to 200 millimeters. The thickness of the walls of the workpiece which can be cut reaches up to 4 (four) millimeters. 

The computer controls the process: we download the necessary files, install the pipe in the clamp that manipulates it in all directions, press the “START” button and watch how quickly the digital idea is implemented in the material one. 

Straight and oblique cuts, carving of any pattern, perforation on a square or round pipe and girders – a laser pipe cutter is an indispensable unit in the production facilities of ✅Eurostand Company✅. All this is an integral part of the commercial equipment production process. 

So what do we have as a result?  Here we go: brackets are installed into the perforated square pipes,  shelves are taking their place and the rack is ready to meet the new owner to serve him for a long time in a stable and skillful way.