The LTC75 laser cutting machine
The LTC75 laser cutting machine is an efficient and reliable tool designed for precision sheet metal cutting.

The system of movement of preparation on linear drives gives higher accuracy and reliability of a complex in comparison with other systems.

Collection of small details takes place by means of special mobile mesh pallets, and for removal of the gases formed in the course of cutting the extract is provided. LTC75 is equipped with a technological table to simplify the process of loading metal sheets.

The laser machine is easy to operate – it is equipped with software that allows you to use engineering drawings, technical settings for the laser, the coordinate parameters of the workpiece.

The LTC75 laser cutting machine allows:

– cut the metal exactly (± 0.01 mm) positioning it along the X and Y axes;

– move the workpiece at a speed of 100,000 mm / min;

– collect small blanks systematically;

– save task settings;

– use any computer-aided design systems;

– perform automatic checking and self-diagnosis.