Launch of the line of automatic application of polymeric coatings
This year, due to large volumes of orders at the production site of ✅Eurostand✅, an automatic line for applying polymer coatings «Ideal-Line» was launched.

This is a huge complex that allows you to automatically paint metal products.

This machine is necessary for acceleration of the painting stage, quality improvement, reduction of  associated costs and reduction of  emissions into the atmosphere,  all these becomes possible due to up-to-date filtration system.  In addition to the above said, this unit is equipped with state-of-the-art process control systems and security systems.

How does the unit work?

A workpiece is installed on the line, which enters the sink chamber via an automatic conveyor. This chamber uses special liquids that clean the metal from dirt, grease, rust and shavings.

After washing, the workpiece is dried in a tunnel drying chamber at a temperature of 110 degrees Celsius.

Pure and dried metal items then get to the powder coating chamber. The application process is automatic and is pre-configured before starting painting the batch of workpieces. A worker (painter) can also take part in the process by using a hand gun to apply powder paint to hard-to-reach places.

The next step is polymerization.

Workpieces with the applied powder paint get to a polymerization chamber, which is in fact – a furnace. When inside the items  are exposed to high temperatures, from 180 to 240 degrees Celsius, depending on the requirements for powder paint.

At the final stage, the workpieces are cooled, moving along the conveyor to the packaging area.

As a result, the time spent on painting for one workpiece is equal to the time spent on hanging and removing the workpiece from the conveyor line.