Automatic machine for bending wire UMW-100

Good afternoon, dear readers.

Today we are going to tell you about the following equipment of Eurostand tool park.

We offer you an automatic machine for bending wire UMW-100 (England). It is designed for decoiling, straightening, and bending of wire products. The whole process is performed automatically by a pre-loaded program.

UMW-100 can produce flat products (frames, rings, ovals), products with variable and constant radii, enclosed contours of simple and complex shapes with a set of variable equipment.

The UMW-100 machine consists of:

unique system of flatness adjustment that allows to receive absolutely flat products even from a twisted wire;

automatic module that can weld parts of the wire in a pulse way;

simple and clear software interface for equipment management.


bending speed of about 1000 degrees per second which is 3 full 360° turns;

wire feed speed of about 1400 millimetres per second.

Basic requirements for the workpiece:

diameter of a steel wire from 3 to 10 mm;

the maximum size of a square frame is 1200х1200 mm;

Eurostand company uses this equipment to make mesh parts and decor for commercial equipment.

The machine consists of a decoiler, a straightening unit, a wire feed unit, a bending and cutting mechanism and a welding module. It is not equipped with hydraulic units or components, which in turn significantly increases the reliability and accuracy of work. All functions of the equipment are performed by servomotors.

The automatic UMW-100 wire bending machine allows Eurostand customers to receive products bent into any shape to implement the most daring ideas.