How are we going to pay?
How are we going to pay? 5 FinTech trends of the nearest future
Financial technologies industry is growing rapidly and change in customer habits due to pandemic only accelerated this. This article will tell about 5 trends that are going to be relevant in the next years.

Solutions to increase financial literacy
Raising the level of financial literacy will be the key task of FinTech companies. Those customers who have used online service for a long time, usually have a favourite bank, and change their choice is not easy.
The new companies will focus on consumers who still use cash and transition them to online services as this trend will intensify.

Digital currencies of the Central Bank
More and more central banks are considering launching new forms of money – digital currencies. However, each country has its own view of what they should be like.
A year and a half ago, the National Bank of Ukraine conducted its own study on the possibility of issuing e-hryvnia. According to the results of testing, the NBU gained valuable experience.

Bank in smartphone
Due to the pandemic, the bank in smartphone has become not just a technological luxury, but a vital necessity. Fintech companies, which were able to offer convenient remote banking services, found themselves in a good position in the market.
There is growing competition between banks over who will create a more convenient bank in a smartphone.

Biometric identification with artificial intelligence
The voice biometrics system is a replacement for passwords and codewords that is already used in some banks. The system uses about a hundred different voice characteristics, which together make a unique combination. Identification requires 10 seconds of conversation.
These solutions offer easy ways to solve customer problems.

Banking that is open to all
The concept of open banking is necessary for fintech companies to access banking data through application programming interfaces. This concept allows you to control financial information of consumers by third-party programs.
Currently, there are concerns, which are related to the disclosure of consumer banking data.

It is obvious that the fintech industry will continue to grow, and companies will continue to develop technologies for consumer convenience, their own openness and transparency.