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Shelving for vegetables and fruits

The shelving design is a three level product of a rectangular profile in the form of holders for boxes that are located at an angle of 30 degrees. The design is completed with 4 wooden boxes on the first two levels, and 2 combo boxes (wood + mesh) on the third level. Mobile rack is completed with wheels, which allows you to easily place the design in a convenient position. This shelving design rationally placed among the trading hall, exposing in pairs, forming an island zone. This makes it possible to place the assortment of goods on both sides. Mobile Island shelving design designed for laying fruits and vegetables and easily fit into your design.

Height, mm: 1450
Width, mm: 1000
Depth mm: 500

4 wooden box with dimensions 300-400 mm depth, 500 mm width and 150-250 frontal height;
2 Combined box (tree + mesh) with dimensions 300-400 mm depth, 500 mm width and 300-400 mm front height. Boxes are placed on the third level;
4 swivel wheels.